About EarPro

EarPro contains a patent pending formulation used before entering the water.

  • Repels water and has natural anti-infective properties killing of the 6 main bacteria causing ear problems
  • Helps prevent the ear from exposure to water-borne diseases such as swimmers’ear and surfers’ear
  • No build up in ear and does not affect hearing / balance
  • Contains no alcohol or acids that sting / dry out the ears
Diver using EarPro

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

0 %
Population affected
5 times higher for swimmers
Up to 40% of divers
Surfer using EarPro

Why stock EarPRo?

  • 10% of the population is affected
  • This number is 5 times higher in swimmers and practitioners of regular water sports
  • 25-40% of divers and 73% of surfers suffer from ear canal narrowing (surfer’s ear)
  • With EarPro these numbers could be reduced significantly
  • Each bottle contains 200 applications
  • Suitable for all ages