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The world's top remedy against ear infections caused by trapped water. edited text

Most water related ear problems such as ear infections and narrowing of the ear canal are caused by trapped water.

EarPro contains a formulation which repels water and has natural anti-infective properties that helps prevent the ear from exposure to water-bone diseases.

EarPro acts by coating the outer ear canal with a highly water-repellent layer and a natural anti-infective.

EarPro is composed of a blend of unique oils that are known for their anti-infective properties. EarPro has been proven in clinical studies to target the exact bugs that cause over 80% of ear infections.

EarPro Bottle

Who uses EarPro?


Extended time submerged and repetitive dives are often leading to ear problems.


Extended time in the water often leads to ear problems.

with Kids

Many kids struggle with water related ear problems.

and Athletes

Independent of age - water in your ears is uncomfortable and sometimes even painful.

EarPro gently coats the outer ear canal with a highly water-repellent layer, making sure that the water smoothly leaves your ear canal and protecting your ear from infections as well as providing natural anti-infective effects fighting the bacteria.

Enjoy the water without fear of ear infection